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Wallbox Electric Vehicle Chargers

Wallbox electric vehicle chargers are designed to give electric vehicle owners an option that is designed around their specific needs. The products on offer commit to providing a simple yet effective way of changing the way in which energy is used.

Whether you’re a commercial or domestic electric vehicle owner, finding the correct charging solution is crucial and EV Charging Systems aim to provide a range of options to suit your vehicle and your specific needs. The world of electric vehicle charging is moving at a rapid pace and so, relying on an innovative company can give you confidence in their products moving forward and that’s what Wallbox does so well.

A Wide Choice of Electric Vehicle Chargers

Wallbox Pulsar Range

The Pulsar Range includes the Wallbox Pulsar and the Pulsar Plus and these products are designed to create a small footprint while still offering EV charging with exceptional power. They are designed for domestic users, which makes them perfect for installing at home. The Pulsar Plus has a charging capacity of 22kw while it has cables for type 1 or type 2 vehicles. It also has clever charging features that send more power to your car when you use less around the home. 

It’s imperative that EV chargers fit into your home and these modern products offer a smart and minimalist design, which means that you can install them in your garage or an external part of your home. Furthermore, you can also use an app to control how you charge your vehicle.


Wallbox Copper SB Range

For businesses and organisations seeking a solution that gives them complete control then the Copper SB EV charger captures it all. It has been made to offer flexibility while the modern design will ensure it fits into the design of any property or business car park. They offer rapid charging with a simple plug-in power cable.

The charger uses RFID technology which means that multiple users can access the charger while energy is distributed to all other chargers. It is suitable for Type 1 or Type 2 vehicles and offers up to 22kw in power. 

Businesses will also have greater control through the app which ensures that they can monitor users, energy consumption and all other vital data.

Wallbox Commander 2 Range

The Commander 2 electric vehicle chargers are all about incorporating the latest technology, which includes a sophisticated design and an interactive experience thanks to the touch screen. Users will have greater control of the charging unit while also having the scope to monitor the status of the charge, energy consumption and users. Furthermore, you can also create personalised interfaces for more than one user while it comes with a range of charging cables and can charge up to 22kw.

Wallbox Quasar Range

This unique product is designed to transform how energy is used. Using Bidirectional charging technology, users can charge and discharge their vehicle, which means that discharged energy can be reused around the home or sent back to the grid. 

This is a product that does so much more because it provides more options when it comes to determining how energy is used. It provides up to 7.4kw of power for charging and it is compatible with CHAdeMO connectors, making a flexible solution for a range of settings.

Wallbox Vehicle Compatibility

With more vehicle manufacturers offering Electric Vehicles, it’s important to find a solution that works for your vehicle. Fortunately, Wallbox products work with a range of manufacturers including your popular manufacturers and your high-end vehicle manufacturers, this can include the likes of:

●    Fiat
●    Mini
●    Porsche
●    Hyundai
●    Tesla
●    Audi
●    Mercedes
●    BMW
●    Volkswagen

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