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Project EV Domestic Car Charging Points

Car charging points from Project EV Domestic are designed to help people make the switch to Electric Vehicles with ease. With EVs growing in popularity, demand for charging points is going to increase and with that comes a need to ensure you have the latest charging point technology. Project EV Domestic Charging Points are designed to provide an effective solution that fulfils the needs of domestic drivers and business users too.

Whatever the requirements might be, they offer a variety of products that are designed to offer reliable and energy-efficient EV charging

Domestic Car Charging Innovative Solutions

Project EV - AC Charging Points

If you are looking for an advanced EV charging solution then the range of AC charging points are going to offer an effective solution for all EV owners. They are affordable and use the latest technology to help reduce emissions and provide a convenient way to charge your vehicle or vehicles.

AC charging uses power that comes directly from the National Grid. However, EVs require a direct current. So, the AC charging product range transfers the AC power into DC power which makes it possible to charge your battery. This means that the amount of power that can be delivered to the battery can range from 6-22kWh.

This is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a charging solution at home. It is cost-effective and it is convenient too because it is reliable. It’s ideal because your car is likely to be stationary at home for long periods of time, which makes it ideal for charging cars fully. By choosing to move to an EV car and an EV charging point, you could save anywhere between £900 to £2,000 on fuel costs each year.

The AC Charging Product Range

  • EVA-07D-S RFID

  • EVA-22D-S RFID

  • EVA11-S RFID

  • EVA-07S-S RFID

  • EVA-22S RFID

  • EVA07S Pro Earth

Project EV - DC Charging Points

Businesses and commercial outlets might look to offer EV charging to staff, visitors and customers, which means that they need to offer EV charging solutions that are rapid and efficient. This is where the wide range of DC charging projects can make a difference.

A DC fast charger will bypass the onboard charging device, providing direct power to the battery of the vehicle. It uses smart technology that allows users to alter the charge level to suit the battery state of charge (SOC). Depending on the EV charge point capacity, they can charge up to 50kw per hour.

Onboard chargers place power limitations on the charging abilities of the vehicle but a DC charger will bypass this. Therefore, the DC power is sent directly to the battery and that offers a faster-charging speed. This is why they are becoming a popular choice for the workplace and commercial environments as they help to avoid the 6-8 hours it takes to charge using an AC charge. In under an hour, a DV charger can charge your vehicle to 80%. The charge is done at either 7kW or 22kW and charging times will vary depending on the vehicle that you have. However, a 22kW charge will take up to two hours for an EV with a 40kW battery. 

The DC Charging Product Range

●    EVD-150D
●    EVD-50-60D
●    EVD-300D
●    EVA-40S-P RFID
●    EVC-AC44D/DC150D
●    EVC-AC22S/DC60D
●    EVD-40D


All of the products come with remote capability that allows users to monitor their usage and make changes based on their behaviour. This offers more control and a greater understanding of how to get the most from their charging system and their vehicle.

Project EV Product Compatibility

More vehicles are becoming available with over 200 plug-in models currently available. What this means is that the Project EV Domestic Car Charging Points are going to provide an effective option for domestic and commercial clients seeking an effective and reliable charging solution.

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