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Myenergi Home Car Charging Stations

As more people look to live a greener lifestyle, the popularity of EVs has grown. From domestic vehicle owners to businesses, the desire to go greener is becoming a part of life. This is particularly true given the Government initiatives in place. Therefore, looking for a suitable and feasible alternative is vital and this is where Myenergi Home Care Charging stations can help people to make a difference.

The reality is that EV charging is going to be something that comes naturally to us at home and in the workplace, so it pays to have a solution that you can rely on. Myenergi is looking to do things differently with their innovative charging ports.

Home Car Charging Innovative Solutions

Solar EV Car Charging

Myenergi has completely changed the EV charging landscape with their industry-leading EV charger. Unlike other systems that use traditional electricity only to charge vehicles, they have designed the number one, British made solar EV Charger.

Known as the Zappi, this is an EV charger with a difference because it does operate as a standard EV charger that uses 100% green energy that has been generated using Solar PV or wind power. This means that homeowners and businesses can get even more from this EV Charger.

You don’t need to have a renewable energy supply to benefit from the Zappi, which means that it can be connected up to the grid, enabling it to charge your vehicle in the standard way. However, this product is completely unique and it provides a suitable option for domestic and commercial clients who are looking for a greener alternative while boosting their green credentials.

This smart charger also has three charging modes, which offers flexibility and versatility too.

Eco Charger

The eco charging mode brings together green energy and energy that comes from the grid. The eco mode can use a blend of the two energy sources if required although it can charge using 100% green energy. The smart charger will adjust according to the flow of energy which means if green energy is lacking, it will use power from the grid. Furthermore, it will adjust in changes to the power being used around your property.

Eco+ Charger

This mode ensures that power is adjusted in order to respond to changes in the generation of power around the home or workplace. If too much power is imported, charging will be paused and will only continue once enough surplus power has become available.



This mode ensures that maximum power is used to charge the vehicle. The power can be taken from the grid or from the renewable energy source. If you don’t have a renewable energy source then this is fine as it will simply use energy from the grid to charge your vehicle.

You can also use an app to control charging remotely which will give you greater control over how you monitor and use your energy to charge your car. This will ensure you can charge your car at the right time and use the cheapest energy available. Furthermore, the charging port is also protected using a five-digit pin which helps to prevent unwanted usage.

In terms of charging power, it offers 7kW or 22kW options. 

Myenergi Vehicle Compatibility

As more car manufacturers are releasing EVs, it’s important to find a charging port that works with the vehicles you own or drive. Therefore, Myenergi has designed the Zappi charger to work with a range of vehicles. What this means is the Zappi can be used to charge the likes of the Renault Zoe, the BMW i3 and many other vehicles.

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