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Pod Point Car Charging Ports

From home EV charging to commercial charging and workplace charging. Their products are designed to work with all plug-in vehicle manufacturers and that makes them a great option for all users across a range of settings.

With EV’s becoming increasingly popular and with government initiatives to remove diesel cars from the road, it’s more important than ever before to look at the right EV charging solutions that fit your needs. From convenient home charging to rapid workplace and commercial charging, Pod Point is a leading company that offers innovative products, helping people to explore the benefits of EV car charging ports.

A Wide Choice Of Car Charging Ports

Smart Home Charging Ports

The Smart Home car charging ports are designed to act smart and provide an exclusive range of features, enabling drivers to get more from their products.

Their Smart Home Charging solution offers 3.6w, 7kw or 22kw charging which allows you to charge your EV up to ten times faster than a 3-pin plug. Furthermore, there is a universal socket or tethered version available too.

As we live in a smart world, the product also comes with the Pod Point App that allows owners to control how they use energy. With cost breakdowns and tracking capability, users can budget better and even learn when they should charge their car in order to benefit from cheaper energy.

It comes with an Auto Power Balancing feature that ensures your electrical supply is not overloaded at a time when your home is using more energy. This means that it keeps your car charging without causing disruption and you can also install a 7kw charging point on almost every electrical supply. The product can also work around your driving behaviour which means having the ability to set repeating schedules and even take advantage of dual-rate electricity tariffs.

Automatic software updates over the air ensure that all new features are installed and implemented without the need to make physical changes, ensuring owners are always ahead of the latest changes.

Commercial Charging Ports

Pod Point also offers commercial car charging ports that can help to attract more customers. As EV vehicles become more popular, shoppers will begin choosing where they shop based on the ability to charge their vehicle. Fortunately, commercial charging ensures that you can cover all bases as there is a suite of chargers on offer.


This can include:

●    Solo charger up to 22kw
●    Twincharger up to 22kw
●    Velocity charger up to 50kw
●    Velocity + charger up to 350kw
●    Media charger up to 7kw

Workplace Charging

Workplace charging is about giving staff, visitors and work vehicles the ability to charge when required. These charging ports are perfect for giving your business a greener image, while it is also considered a benefit for staff and visitors.


Using this product, you will be able to reduce business vehicle emissions and track costs. All of this can be easily tracked using the Smart Reporting platform, helping you to manage, meet and exceed your environmental goals.


The suites available are:

●    Solo charger up to 22kw
●    Twincharger up to 22kw
●    Velocity charger up to 50kw
●    Velocity + charger up to 350kw


Furthermore, workplace charging can also be made secure and only accessible to select individuals thanks to RFID technology, ensuring the charging ports are not misused.

Pod Point Vehicle Compatibility

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity with more people and businesses opting to use them. Therefore, using an EV charging company that ensures their products are accessible to all drivers is important. Pod Point has ensured that its products can be used by owners of all plug-in vehicle manufacturers, ensuring they are able to benefit from EV charging.

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